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After a very successful workshop in Napa last June, David Volkamer (my associate and partner in Landreth Workshops,) and I are scheduling more workshops for the coming months.  I'll be hosting a 2 day intensive seminar on my fine art imaging techniques in Seattle on August 20th and 21st.  You can find more information on the workshops at the Landreth Workshop website, or you can click Seattle Workshop to download the informational pdf.

 My Napa workshop was a great time, and I was very excited by the work done by the students in the class. We printed out everyone's work on a beautiful printer provided to us by Canon so everyone had prints to take home, evidence of the tremendous amount they all learned during the workshop.


Napa Valley Workshop is a reality!

For anyone interested in the techniques I use for my photographic art, this workshop is for you!  I'm sharing my techniques and inspiration at the intersection of wine and art:  Napa Valley, from June 6th thru June 10th.  The workshop is being held at the Clos Pegase Winery, known for it great wines and it's great art collections.. so it's a perfect place for a workshop like this!

For more information you can download the PDF brochure that has all the workshop details:  Napa Valley Workshop PDF

There is also more information about my workshops on a new blog that I've put together specifically for my workshops:  Workshop Blog

Here's a couple of images from my scouting trip to Calistoga last month with early morning mist providing the atmosphere


Napa Valley... a workshop opportunity!

 At long last, and due to popular demand, I've put together a photo workshop for people interested in my layered textural look.  I recently scouted the Napa Valley area and secured a site to host the workshop.  I'm a firm believer in the pairing of wine and art so this will be the perfect launch for what I hope will be a series of photo workshops.  The area where I conduct the workshop is rich with photo opportunities and will provide the participants with lots of material to work with in the computer lab sessions.  My goal is to have everyone go home from this 5 day workshop with artwork they'll be proud to hang on their walls!  For a bit more information click on the link below.

Here's a few images from the scouting session in Napa.

The top two pictures are the old Bale Grist Mill, near Calistoga and the bottom image is, yup, more of those tangled tree images I love from a forest surrounding the grist mill.  
If you'd be interested in a workshop you can email me at doug@landrethstudios.com and indicate you're workshop interest... I'll put you on the email list for the workshop info. 


I'm smitten by tree textures..

I love this time of year.  The tree limbs are all still bare with just a hint of new growth or buds beginning to appear.  With the right light, a still day and a small camera aperture I'm able to explore natures infinite designs and inherent textures as the branches stack up near to far.  The depths of the scene contract and the branches paint a JacksonPollock like canvas on my camera sensors...  I just love it.


More Birds

I think that the warm spring-like days we've had in the Northwest recently have kindled hopes for the end of winter and the beginning of spring,.. but hey, it's only mid-February!  While the notion of spring this early may be a false hope, it did provide the inspiration for this new image.
"Ode to Spring"


More new work

I've been working hard completing some recent assignment photography, organizing my new space and applying to lots of 2010 art shows, and when I get a moment, I turn to my image library to see what inspires me (and what can distract me).  This month is was birds.  I don't know why but they are so iconic, stately and mystical all at once.  Here are the results:

Mystic Moon

Blue Heron Grace

Pelicans in Flight

On another note, I've received many requests for a workshop on my techniques and consequently I've begun to put together plans for a workshop late this spring so stay tuned.  If you are interested send me an e-mail at doug@landrethstudios.com and let me know so I can put you on my email list for updates as the plans develop.


What? Another lighthouse!

Yup, I'm afraid it's true.  I got tired of doing necessary stuff (like bookkeeping) today so I dug this out of my archives.  The lighthouse and I spent about 6 hours in the computer together and this was the result!